Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chance For Love (Colorado Blues #1) by Ann B. Harrison

Chance For Love (Colorado Blues)Callie cant resist the advert for a ranch manager in Colorado. Only thing is, it also stipulates marriage. Down on her luck with more debt than she can manage after the death of her parents in a vehicle accident, she takes the plunge and commits. 
Chance is sick of the high life he's led for years as a top rodeo rider. The glitz and glamour aren't what he wants. After an accident leaves him unable to return to the circuit, he decides now is the time to do what his heart has been yearning for - marry a down to earth country girl and raise bulls on his ranch, with the hope of bringing his brothers back together. Little did he know that an advert would bring him a sassy talking Australian bride to turn his world up side down.


I liked this book quite a bit, I just wish it had been longer. The characters were great, but the story was a bit did not really have a lot of meat to it. It kind of skimmed over a lot of things and felt sort of abridged at times. It was only about 120 pages on my Nook so more like a novella than a novel.  And the Love angle was way too fast for my liking. I would really have liked this to have been a full length novel with the love coming/building over time a bit.