Thursday, June 11, 2015

Star Runners (Star Runners #1) by L.E. Thomas

Star Runners"I wish I could tell you how cool this is."
With those words uttered by his best friend during an online chat, Austin Stone, a high school senior, forces himself to accept the fact his friends are leaving him behind.
With average grades, less than stellar play in baseball, and a single mother struggling to make ends meet, it looks as if Austin’s only way to continue his education would be through some kind of miracle.
His only escape is playing an online space simulation, Star Runners. It seems to be the only environment in which he excels. However, being a champion Trident Starfighter isn’t something you want to brag about in public nor will it help earn a scholarship.
But as soon as Austin is about to give up on college he reaches the top of the elite server. He receives an invitation from a school shrouded in secrecy promising to unlock his hidden potential. With no other options, Austin takes the offer.
What Austin doesn’t realize is that his dream of going to college has just opened up the cosmos and will challenge everything Austin thinks he knows about himself and the universe.

This was so boring and slow I barely made it halfway through. I was listening to this one from and wow I just could not push myself through it any longer. It took over half of the book for him to even be accepted at this school...that's about as far as I got. The story was repetitive up to this point and nothing exciting happened at all. Absolute snore fest.  Sorry I wasted my money on this one...Do Not Recommend it. 

Maybe if I had managed to get further with the book it would have been better...I know there were a lot of good reviews for this on Goodreads, which is why I gave it a shot. I just couldn't bring myself to go any further though.