Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Forgotten Warrior: A Moment in Time by Glenn Barnes

Forgotten Warrior: A Moment in TimeChandler, Mark, Sergeant First Class, US Army Rangers has been given some seriously bad news. He has an inoperable brain tumor and he’s going to die. That is, until he gets a second chance. 
Seemingly saved by the enigmatic Colonel McKown, Chandler is given the slimmest chance of redemption. The upside to his ‘opportunity’ is that he will be completely cured. The downside is that he will have to spend an entire year, cryogenically frozen, in a tube. 
Now, following a terrorist outrage that left Chandler still frozen 500 years after he should have been, he is revived to a strange and forbidding world, with people speaking unfamiliar languages and a planet on the edge. 
Now Chandler, with his individual skill set, is initiated into the warrior class of this puzzling group of people. But what will this new world hold for a man who should have died half a millennium ago? 
Will it be any less dangerous than the one he left? And will he come to wish that he’d succumbed to the cancer that should have ended his life long before now? 

Good read

I really liked this story. Bit short, but the characters were pretty well fleshed out. The one issue I did have was with the editing. words were misspelled, tenses were incorrectly used. What the author really needs is a very good editor, but the story itself was interesting and I would gladly read the next in the series if there is a next book.