Thursday, November 19, 2015

Starship Eternal (War Eternal #1) by M.R. Forbes (**)

Starship Eternal (War Eternal, #1)A lost starship...
A dire warning from futures past
A desperate search for salvation...


Captain Mitchell "Ares" Williams is a Space Marine and the hero of the Battle for Liberty, whose Shot Heard 'Round the Universe saved the planet from a nearly unstoppable war machine. He's handsome, charismatic, and the perfect poster boy to help the military drive enlistment. Pulled from the war and thrown into the spotlight, he's as efficient at charming the media and bedding beautiful celebrities as he was at shooting down enemy starfighters.

After an assassination attempt leaves Mitchell critically wounded, he begins to suffer from strange hallucinations that carry a chilling and oddly familiar warning:

They are coming. Find the Goliath or humankind will be destroyed.

Convinced that the visions are a side-effect of his injuries, he tries to ignore them, only to learn that he may not be as crazy as he thinks. The enemy is real and closer than he imagined, and they'll do whatever it takes to prevent him from rediscovering the centuries lost starship.

Narrowly escaping capture, out of time and out of air, Mitchell lands at the mercy of the Riggers - a ragtag crew of former commandos who patrol the lawless outer reaches of the galaxy. Guided by a captain with a reputation for cold-blooded murder, they're dangerous, immoral, and possibly insane.

They may also be humanity's last hope for survival in a war that has raged beyond eternity.


The characters all felt flat and uninteresting to me. Honestly the time loop theory had me very confused. It was hard to follow and did not really make any sense to me. It was decent enough to finish the book, but not enough to have me go out and buy the next two books in the series. It just did not hold my interest long. It somehow. And the quickness in which he was accepted and became, for all intents and purposes, the leader of the rag tag band of criminals was a bit too much. The author was trying for camaraderie or brotherhood or something along those lines I think, but it just did not come to fruition. It did not feel like a "band of brothers" or come even close to that. It was too quick to form real feelings and relationships among the crew and the ending was just feeling of triumph or relief or looking forward to continuing the story.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Devolved by James Bowler (*)

DevolvedEverything was fine until the lights went out. Sure I had my problems, college was fun but all that homework takes it's toll. True the girl I liked turned me down flat but hey, besides that, life was good. 
That first night after the darkness still haunts me. I can't even begin to describe the pace of my pulse or the terror. I never knew what fear was until I saw that face and felt those claws on my flesh. It's a miracle I even survived. It's sad so many people had to die. The hardest ones though, are the ones I killed. I can't close my eyes without seeing their faces and feeling their accusing stares. The apocalypse isn't all bad, I get to travel with the hottest girl in school. She can be a handful sometimes (all the time) and will probably be the death of me. 
By far the worst part of this mess is the smell of rotting corpses and all the miles walking. The food's OK, I just hate how heavy it is. I hate it worse when my bag gets too light and I know I 'm running out, that's a different kind of fear, not adrenaline terror, but a pressing unavoidable dread always in the back of my mind.


In a word: BORING. It was hard to get through this one, I ended up skimming through a lot of it just to get through it. There was no real dialogue, the characters were flat, and I got tired of the descriptions and the thinking instead of acting/speaking.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Iron Mike by Patricia Rose (****)

Iron MikeThey came, but not in peace. They came to destroy us. Our cities crumbled. Our people died by the billions. Their weapons were sophisticated beyond our worst nightmare.

But they didn't count on our stubborn tenacity or our will to live. We fight back, and we fight dirty.

Mike Sanderlin survived the first attack ... but could he survive the war? How will he keep his sister safe in a world where terror swoops from the sky and looters claim the streets? Law and order are as forgotten as the bodies that rot in the sun.

To keep his sister alive, Mike changes. He becomes Iron Mike, a man unafraid of making the hard decisions, a man unafraid of war, of killing or being killed. Iron Mike isn't afraid, period.

Iron Mike is a survivor.

REVIEW: ****

This was a wonderful book! I like these types of books but many of them don't fulfill the promise..this one did hands down. It drew me in quickly. The characters were great (especially Iron Mike) and the story was believable. It was not centered on fighting the aliens, but more about the characters themselves. And I love a good character driven story. For a first novel this was fantastic. The editing was real errors that I saw and the plot flowed well. I can't wait to read the next one from this new author. The only real issue I had with it, and it was minor, was the ending seemed a bit too quickly finished. I wish she would have gone a bit further with it, but I hated the story was ending anyway so that may have something to do with it. Great first book..most definitely recommend this one.