Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kraven (VLG #2) by Laurann Dohner (**)

Kraven  (VLG, #2)Batina Dawson wants two things most in her life. She’s determined to become a partner at her law firm and secure her younger sister’s financial future. That’s why she talked Dusti into flying to Alaska, to mend fences with their terminally ill, rich grandfather. It seemed to be a perfect plan—until things go wrong. 

The plane crashes and their lives are saved by two large, muscled brothers. Kraven is a spiked-haired menace with a handsome face and a killer body. He also believes she’s in danger from her own grandfather, and that Vampires and Lycans once bred, making him a VampLycan. He even claims her mother was one too. He may have kidnapped Bat, but his misguided hero complex is almost sweet. She knows exactly what defense she’ll use if he becomes one of her clients. Insanity. 

Kraven is frustrated. Bat refuses to stop arguing with him at every opportunity. She’s stubborn, mouthy, and oh so sexy. She might be right when she accuses him of being crazy—she’s driving him nuts. But she’s in danger and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. 


Honestly not sure about this series. I'm tired of the vampire/werewolf trope, but this author does write a good storyline that tends to draw you in. I did not really like the heroines in this and the first book. Too abrasive or something. And the way they just bitched about how crazy the guys were got old quick. Too much of it. I liked the heroes, they were tough but sweet alpha males..not really sure what they found to like in the women, the characters were a bit flat, no real deep personalities. Just not really to my liking much. I will see what the next book brings but it in no way compares to her new species books in my opinion. The new species are a much better read.