Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tempting Target: Heart of a SEAL by Carmen Faye (*)

Tempting Target: Heart of a SEALI knew he was trouble from the moment I saw him 
My life had fallen into a rut. I had no future, no prospects, and no way forward. So I did what every other lost soul do in those situations: 

I ran—as far as I could, as fast as I could. 

And then I ran into him. Matt Perrier. The six-foot-five Navy SEAL with tattoos snaking across his rippling muscles and dripping with danger and wildness from every pore. 

From the moment I see him, I know that he’s nothing like anyone I’ve ever met. 

I know that losing wasn’t in his blood. 
I know that nothing gets between him and what he wants. 

And I know he wants me. 


This was a great book if you wanted nothing but sex scene after sex scene...long ones at that...I wanted an actual story between those sex scenes which did not really happen. And there were some major inconsistencies. Like he tells her he loves her and 40 pages later he says that he never said he loved her ...major error. The author tried to put some obstacles out there...but they never amounted to anything...her illness was a no go issue as was her stalker, his stalker type, his amnesia. The whole gamut of stuff that was over before it even started. It really made no real sense in the book and added nothing to the non-existent plot line. It was like the author did not know where to take the story ... she just threw in a bit of everything and hoped it worked. It didn't. The characters were flat, uninteresting, and evoked no emotions from the reader (me).. I would not recommend this one.