Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Caitlin's Hero (League of Love #1) by Donna Gallagher

Caitlin's Hero (League of Love, #1)Book one in the League of Love Series

Falling for him is easy. Dealing with his high-profile life—a life deemed public property by his fans and the press, plus an ex-wife out for blood—now, that’s the hard part.

Twenty-year-old Caitlin Walters was living a normal life. She attended university, socialised a little and had a good relationship with her mother and stepfather. But when her parents are tragically killed in a car accident, Caitlin’s life is forced to change. The once carefree girl becomes sole guardian of her stepbrother. Giving up her university course to support and raise eleven-year-old Riley, Caitlin struggles to deal with her new responsibilities.

Her job, singing at a local Italian restaurant, brings Caitlin some peace. On stage, she leaves her life and its troubles behind. Feeling comfortable and sensuous, she is like a siren calling out to lost souls. It’s on one of these nights that Caitlin begins a romance with Australian Rugby League captain, Brodie James. Brodie, not content with his so-called perfect life and struggling with commitment issues following a disastrous marriage, falls hard for Caitlin.

The relationship does not run smoothly for the self-sacrificing Caitlin, as she learns how to deal with Brodie’s nasty, jealous ex-wife, a muck-raking reporter and intrusive but well-meaning rugby fans. Along the way she makes new friends, and awakens the untapped sensual desires of the woman inside.


Did not like the way this was written at all. Almost no dialogue between the characters. The entire story was based on what they thought. And the Heroine drove me nuts with her "poor little me" attitude and the wimpy way she behaved. No one at the age of 20 is that naive and stupid in today's world. She may be a virgin, but no woman today grows up not knowing anything about sex or guys. Just ridiculous concept if you ask me. And all the lovey dovey from the neighbors and the Heros parents who did not even know this girl. Like she was a little kid who needed protection and coddling, not a grown woman. She never managed to stand up for herself just accepted what she was told and went along with everyone. Absolutely drove me crazy.