Monday, June 1, 2015

Everything You Are by Evelyn Lyes

Everything You AreSometimes a reckless moment of passion changes everything. 

Ian Thornton has it all; wealth, looks, a brilliantly successful career – and any woman he wants. Until a demure Jane walks into his life as his new assistant. Even though trouble is brewing at Thornton Enterprises, throwing his life into chaos – and even though his type is confident buxom blondes – he finds himself unable to stop thinking and lusting about his new assistant. 

When sensible Jane Bennet accepts the job offer from Thornton Enterprises, she doesn't expect to be working for the owner's son, a man who looks like a Viking god, and acts like one. But despite Ian being irritatingly arrogant and entitled, she's drawn to him, so much that she ends up in his bed. It's an encounter Ian doesn't even remember and one Jane won't ever forget. A month later, she discovers she's pregnant. 

Thornton's business troubles lead to lethal consequences and pose a frightening danger to their unborn child. Like it or not – and she doesn't – Jane must look to her arrogant boss to protect her and their unborn baby


Average romance. It was a decent read, but did not really have much affect on me. Its been a few days since I read this one and I had to look it up again to remind me what it was about. So not much impact, but entertaining enough for me to actually read the whole thing.