Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Assistant by Elle Brace

The Assistant
“Don’t worry, I won’t try anything… Even though I want to.”

Emily Johnson needs this job. What she doesn’t need, is all the aggravation that comes with being the assistant of the world’s most eligible bachelor.

25-year-old billionaire Adrian Kingston, Emily’s boss, is known for being difficult. He works late at night and early in the day – and expects his assistant to do the same. The only thing he does for fun is, well, women. The spoiled, wealthy playboy gets whatever he wants from whomever he wants.

Some mornings, women swing in and out of his office, one after the other. And as if he couldn’t get enough girls, he even tosses his flirtation and sexual innuendo Emily’s way.

Good thing Emily knows how to keep her priorities straight. A flirty, devastatingly handsome boss? His jealous girlfriends? Her demanding workload? Emily has enough on her plate! She really doesn’t need all the headache. What she doesn’t understand though, is this:

Why does Adrian seem to need her?

After all, Emily Johnson, while beautiful, is not exactly Adrian’s usual type. What could he possibly want with her? Is this just another game played by a bored, rich billionaire trying to win the only girl who has the guts to tell him ‘No?’ Or could Adrian Kingston really be falling in love with The Assistant?

*A sweet, sexy contemporary romance for new adults.

Review:  * 

OK I had multiple problems with this book. The characters were shallow, felt like she was about 14 and he about 16 with their childish behavior and little girl "cutsie" attitude. and Adrian was a walking Sexual Harassment Suit just waiting to happen. I mean what type of "boss" hits on a total stranger in an interview? get real! And If I had been her I would have slapped him, walked out and filed a complaint about it. Not turned around and accept the job!

He was cruel to her at times, deliberately scaring her or embarrassing her. He showed no real genuine feelings for her and she was a doormat..she just kept taking the comments, touches etc. I mean really what 24 year old woman would just give in and do everything he tells her to? A doormat. The scene where he basically tells her he is going to prostitute her out for a night just about did me in. And whats with all the blushes and embarrassment whenever he kisses her or touches her or makes a comment? No one at that age is that naive and stupid. Hell she wasn't a virgin so whats the deal with that? I know the author was trying to show inexperience, but that felt like he was hitting on a 10 year old the way she behaved. 

And His father - if my future father in law spoke to me like that I would be offended and probably have hit him. It was creepy, not funny. 

The writing itself was ok, a bit sporadic and it felt like the author was jumping around a bit, but I think with practice and time she could be decent at writing...but her story definitely needs to improve. 

I really did not understand where all the 4 and 5 stars were coming from. He was not an alpha male, he was psychotic if you ask me.