Thursday, November 5, 2015

Devolved by James Bowler (*)

DevolvedEverything was fine until the lights went out. Sure I had my problems, college was fun but all that homework takes it's toll. True the girl I liked turned me down flat but hey, besides that, life was good. 
That first night after the darkness still haunts me. I can't even begin to describe the pace of my pulse or the terror. I never knew what fear was until I saw that face and felt those claws on my flesh. It's a miracle I even survived. It's sad so many people had to die. The hardest ones though, are the ones I killed. I can't close my eyes without seeing their faces and feeling their accusing stares. The apocalypse isn't all bad, I get to travel with the hottest girl in school. She can be a handful sometimes (all the time) and will probably be the death of me. 
By far the worst part of this mess is the smell of rotting corpses and all the miles walking. The food's OK, I just hate how heavy it is. I hate it worse when my bag gets too light and I know I 'm running out, that's a different kind of fear, not adrenaline terror, but a pressing unavoidable dread always in the back of my mind.


In a word: BORING. It was hard to get through this one, I ended up skimming through a lot of it just to get through it. There was no real dialogue, the characters were flat, and I got tired of the descriptions and the thinking instead of acting/speaking.