Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Iron Mike by Patricia Rose (****)

Iron MikeThey came, but not in peace. They came to destroy us. Our cities crumbled. Our people died by the billions. Their weapons were sophisticated beyond our worst nightmare.

But they didn't count on our stubborn tenacity or our will to live. We fight back, and we fight dirty.

Mike Sanderlin survived the first attack ... but could he survive the war? How will he keep his sister safe in a world where terror swoops from the sky and looters claim the streets? Law and order are as forgotten as the bodies that rot in the sun.

To keep his sister alive, Mike changes. He becomes Iron Mike, a man unafraid of making the hard decisions, a man unafraid of war, of killing or being killed. Iron Mike isn't afraid, period.

Iron Mike is a survivor.

REVIEW: ****

This was a wonderful book! I like these types of books but many of them don't fulfill the promise..this one did hands down. It drew me in quickly. The characters were great (especially Iron Mike) and the story was believable. It was not centered on fighting the aliens, but more about the characters themselves. And I love a good character driven story. For a first novel this was fantastic. The editing was real errors that I saw and the plot flowed well. I can't wait to read the next one from this new author. The only real issue I had with it, and it was minor, was the ending seemed a bit too quickly finished. I wish she would have gone a bit further with it, but I hated the story was ending anyway so that may have something to do with it. Great first book..most definitely recommend this one.