Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Her Fictional Fling: Scandals in Scotland Contemporary Romance Series Book 1 by Jo Summers

Her Fictional Fling: Scandals in Scotland Contemporary Romance Series Book 1First in a brand-new sexy contemporary romance series! 

Andi McKenna knows passion—in fact, it’s her job. But the twenty-six year old self-made bestselling historical romance author wouldn’t touch the stuff herself with a ten-foot pole. 

She’s learned the hard way that it’s smarter to live vicariously through the Regency debutantes and Highland lasses of her acclaimed novels than to risk her own heart. But just as she arrives to visit the movie set of her first runaway hit, Andi discovers that her next story is short on the steamy love scenes readers have come to crave. Rather than allow her dry spell to affect her work, Andi will do anything to make sure her upcoming book pleases her fans, even if that means recruiting her own hot Viking hero as a temporary muse. 

For rising star, Colin Walker, traveling to Scotland for his latest movie will guarantee distance from the actress who publicly crushed his heart. Love is off the table, but how can he resist Andi’s offer to help him get back at his ex, in exchange for a little role-play to inspire Andi’s next book? 

When he and the sexy author can’t keep their hands off each other, will they be able to admit that it’s more than just acting?


Not one of my favorite books by far. It was too quick on the romance, too short a book to really develop any kind of lasting relationship. And the fictional fling...I did not understand the reasoning of that at all...maybe if that had been the initial intent..if he had requested that right off it would have made more sense, but he didn't and they developed a relationship prior to him asking to pretend. It just felt contrived and fake the way it was done. And there was no confrontation with the exes that would give reason for the fake relationship..especially when they were already in a real one. Just seemed backwards, awkward and not well done. 

Book Finished: 05-15-2015