Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Leviathan (The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier #5) by Jack Campbell

Leviathan (The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier #5)Two Syndicate World star systems have fallen prey to a mysterious fleet of warships—a fleet controlled entirely by artificial intelligence—that is now targeting Alliance space. The warships are no mystery to Geary. They were developed by his government to ensure security, but malfunctioned. If the Syndics learn the truth, the war with the Alliance will resume with a vengeance.

As the government attempts to conceal the existence of the A.I. warships—and its role in their creation—Geary pursues them, treading a fine line between mutiny and obedience. But it soon becomes clear that his fleet is no match for the firepower of the machine-piloted armada.

With the help of the Dancer species of aliens, Geary has tracked the A.I. ships to their secret base in the supposedly mythical Unity Alternate star system where his fleet, the last hope of the Alliance’s future, will end the conflict at any cost…

REVIEW: ****

Great Series. I liked this one a lot more since it did not go into every little detail of things like the video conference systems and every missile etc. every time they talked about it. That was the main problem with the other books in this series...way too much description (and every time it was mentioned they described it again) of every thing. There is only so many times you need to tell me about the conferencing software/program or the missiles being used before it gets way way overdone.

The characters are great though and I really enjoyed reading this series.