Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Red Team by J.S. Abilene

Red TeamAva Rowan is a nerdy high school senior who dreams of becoming a successful journalist. After interviewing the popular captain of the school’s football team, she passes out and wakes up to find herself on a deserted island with him and a number of other equally confused 18-year old males and females from all around the globe. Ava soon discovers that life as she knows it is a lie and that she had been trapped in a deadly competition with terrifying implications for world peace and order. She must battle her opponents, her teammates, and her own fears to save them all and challenge the otherworldly organization that threatens Earth itself. 


Not a great book. Tried too hard to be like Hunger Games I think without the good writing. There was no real emotion, anticipation, fear, love etc. The book was too short for one...which is how I managed to read the whole thing...but there was no room for character building/growth, real emotions, etc. It seemed the author was rushing through and was confused on what type of book she was writing. One minute its a sci-fi thing, the next a romance (although the romance part really sucked)and the backstory to put it bluntly was terrible. It was confusing. And why would perfectly normal 18 year old kids take it so easily that they were to kill off each other? totally unrealistic. No anguish over doing it, just matter of factly killing others. Maybe they were all psychopaths..but I don't buy it. It just did not ring true even in a science fiction story.