Monday, May 9, 2016

Warship (Black Fleet Trilogy #1) by Joshua Dalzelle (***)

Warship (Black Fleet Trilogy, #1)
In the 25th century humans have conquered space. The advent of faster-than-light travel has opened up hundreds of habitable planets for colonization, and humans have exploited the virtually limitless space and resources for hundreds of years with impunity. 
So complacent have they become with the overabundance that armed conflict is a thing of the past, and their machines of war are obsolete and decrepit. What would happen if they were suddenly threatened by a terrifying new enemy? Would humanity fold and surrender, or would they return to their evolutionary roots and meet force with force? One ship—and one captain—will soon be faced with this very choice. 
Against incredible odds, Jackson Wolfe is determined to save humanity–and in the process, might end up saving himself. 


This book started off pretty slow moving and quite honestly a bit boring. It did get better as it went on, but I really only started to enjoy it toward the last quarter of the book. Prior to that there was no real action or anything else to really hold my interest. If I had been reading the actual book instead of listening to it on Audible I probably would have stopped reading and not continued. That would have been a mistake though. The story picked up and the action started and I was hooked at that point. In fact I just downloaded the second book in the series from Audible and have started listening to that as well.

I did end up liking this story and the main Character quite a bit actually. He is a flawed human, but unlike a lot of books he is a bit older than the average 20-30 somethings you find in a lot of the space epic stories and I quite enjoyed it by the end of the book. worth a look if you can get through the boring/slow beginning.