Thursday, October 15, 2015

Méridien (TSS #3) by S.H. Jucha (****)

Méridien (TSS #3)The Méridiens are fleeing to their far colonies—and they have reason to run. Over the course of decades, they have lost hundreds of ships, billions of people, and seven Confederation colonies to an alien enemy: an advancing swarm of silver ships transported in the bowels of a gigantic, spherical vessel.

Alex Racine, who once enjoyed the solitary life of an explorer-tug Captain, is now an Admiral and responsible for the lives of a quarter million Librans. Further complicating his life, Alex’s Librans have made it clear they don’t want to settle on his home world. They want a new home, and he must secure them one.

The silver ships await Alex’s makeshift flotilla at Libre, the last colony they consumed. Thus far, Alex’s people have succeeded in skirmishes against the enemy’s fighters. Now, though, they’re preparing to attack the entire alien fleet and halt the devastation of the colonies.

To the surprise and chagrin of his officers and crew alike, Alex concocts a new plan, because he believes humanity faces not one but two alien species, and one may be enslaved to the other. If so, Alex believes slaves should be liberated, not obliterated.

To test Alex’s theory, his people must capture a wholly intact silver ship—a feat never before accomplished. The crew remains doubtful, but their Admiral is determined to communicate with the aliens before he’s forced to destroy them, and his wish is their command.

REVIEW: ****

I love this series! The author was kind enough to send me this third book prior to publication so I could read and review it. 

I must say its a wonderful story, full of great characters with great personalities. I love an epic story with believable, well rounded characters and a flowing story line. I do think the resolution with the mother ship was a bit too easy and quick for the build up, but it did not detract from the story. Its basically a story about overcoming great odds, the struggle to find your own place in a society that doesn't really want you anymore and how the different characters grow and develop over time. Its a classic type of story line that had meaning when I was young and still has meaning today. I think any teen would be comfortable reading this as well as any adult. I know I certainly enjoyed it. I look forward to the next books in this ongoing series.