Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blue by H.J. Bellus (**)

BlueBlue Williams shines no matter the circumstance.
-Prettiest in her hometown
-Most talented cheerleader on her high school squad
-Valedictorian of the senior class
-Prom queen and runner up for Miss Teen Colorado
And the list goes on…

That’s until college, when she finds out nobody recognizes her, and if they do they couldn’t care less. Blending in is something Blue has longed for her entire life. Living in a dorm with a set of new friends is just what she needed to escape her stale life back home. For the first time, she’s seen for her talent and not her name or looks.

Cheer is her number one priority, considering a full-ride scholarship landed her at a prestigious university, and she intends to take advantage of it. A true beauty inside and out, Blue’s heart has always pumped competitive blood.

Until one night changes her forever…the beauty is gone, and all she has left are nasty, ugly memories. The man who saved her has a story of his own, with ninety percent of his body scarred.

What happens when the Beauty falls for the Beast?


Ok...I really liked this book initially. It was funny and the chemistry between Blue and Tuck was good. But about halfway through it almost felt like it was a different writer taking over. The whole tone changed and it went from fun/sexy to nothing but crude talk and sex. 

SPOILER INFO: (Don't read if you don't want to know what happens):

Blue also started to drive me crazy at the halfway mark. She was attacked (not raped), but attacked and would not report it, talk about it etc. She was scared and getting threats but would tell no one about it. It was stupid and childish the way she was behaving. I never did understand her reasoning behind her behavior and kept wanting to tell her she was an idiot. I almost stopped reading it, but the beginning was so good I kept thinking maybe it would get better never did.

I don't really recommend this was frustrating reading about someone who was supposed to be intelligent doing such idiotic hiding all the threats from Tuck and her parents. And the fact that the whole second attack happened and why was never really reasonably explained. It made no sense to me. The ending was abrupt..he found her, saved her and then we are into an epilogue. It was weird.