Thursday, May 7, 2015

Finding Grace by Rhea Rhodan

Finding GraceTwo haunted souls seeking peace find each other instead

Kidnapped by human monsters, Grace Thorne was ripped from her quiet intellectual life and left deeply scarred. She’s hidden herself for five years, but there’s no escape from the nightmares of the past, or visions of the future. When one foretells tragedy, she gambles her fragile defenses on a haunted man to prevent it—only to discover love is the biggest risk of all.

Jack Daggery doesn’t need a mirror to know why people avoid him, not that he cares. After years working deep undercover, immersed in betrayal and death, all he wants is some peace and the quiet security company he co-owns.

Dagger has no idea why the foul-mouthed little server of questionable gender bothers him. But he does know that living with the ghosts of his past was hard enough without being tormented by the mysterious thorn in his side—or finding how much he needs her.

This second edition has been lightly edited and bears a new cover from the original edition by Musa Publishing.

REVIEW: *****

WOW! Excellent Book! I really, really adored the characters in this one. They were both damaged, but strong. It was a funny, serious, happy, sad story. The emotions ran the whole gamut and kept me reading long into the night...way past my bedtime. If this was her first book then she did an outstanding job of it. I have to assume it was since I only found one other book listed by her so far. I'm going to give that one a try as well since this one was so great. 

I loved the way she did the different viewpoints in this book. The side characters were wonderful and the way she wrote their views focused on the main characters, but also gave insight into what others were thinking. It was uniquely done and I loved it. Usually I don't much care for extraneous viewpoints from supporting characters because it always seems to detract from the main characters and sometimes even the central story line. But this author had those views focused on the main characters and it added an extra dimension to the book that I was not expecting. 

Again .... a Wonderful book that I highly recommend for anyone that loves a good, emotional romance. 

Book Finished: 05-05-2015