Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The McClane Apocalypse: Book One (The McClane Apocalypse #1) by Kate Morris3.93 of 5 stars

The McClane Apocalypse: Book One

“The end of the world doesn’t happen with a bang. It takes slightly longer than that but not by much. Research projects, Gross Anatomy class, tests and fancy coffee drinks will cease to be important. The fight for her life will become the only thing that matters.”

Reagan McClane is a prodigy med school student on the brink of a brilliant career, but the United States and the rest of the world are headed towards total economic and social collapse. And it doesn’t take more than a few hours for mass crime, looting and pillaging to spread across the country like a plague. A brutal attack at her university leads to a fight for her life before Reagan barely makes it home to the safety of her awaiting grandparents and sisters on their family farm in Tennessee.

Three sexy Army Rangers, one of whom is married to Reagan’s eldest sister, will join the McClane family to build their farm into an impenetrable fortress that they will fight to keep, no matter the cost. Reagan will find that defending her hardened, scarred heart against ever letting anyone in again will prove even more difficult than survival as one Ranger in particular tries to invade it.

The McClane Apocalypse is a story of love, survival and the importance of family during the worst of times imaginable.
Review: *
I think this could have been a pretty good book, but honestly I hated the heroine and I hated all the switching from character to character. It would not have been so bad if it was switching from the two main characters that this story was supposed to be about, but it covered every character in the book and you did not see the main characters nearly as much as you should. 

I also hated the female heroine. She was whiny, weak and bitchy towards the males. I thought she would be a strong character, and the author tried to make her seem strong, but it did not come off that way. It felt more like a pouting teenager who didn't get her way. Just all around bad character. And the males seemed a bit weak too. I mean these are ex Rangers...they should have been tough, no-nonsense types but they felt weak as well. Not sure exactly how, but that's how they came across on the pages. 

I got about 3\4 of the way through and finally just gave up.